We are in the business of treating bamboo for use in construction. We are using a a method of pressure treating that is well recognized world wide. There are even laws governing this process in India to maintain minimum standards in the industry. We exceed the requirements for exterior grade as a standard in our product.

In these pages you can learn more about the treatment process we use, and about bamboo in general.

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Bamboo Treatment

Interesting Bamboo Facts

Bamboo Connections

We want to make our clients projects with bamboo the best they can be, so they will recommend bamboo as a building system to others. These pages are designed to inspire ideas on how to design and build projects yourself. Our motivation here is the most efficient and cost effective use of bamboo to make structures affordable. Other connection systems use more bamboo culms in their construction. Bamboo being a beautiful and natural product, only makes the structure more beautiful, the more you use.

There are several books on the market about bamboo, from species to cultivation, construction techniques and history. The best one I have found, is Bamboo, The gift of the Gods, by Oscar Hidalgo-Lopez

Stacking new and old treated Bamboos for Drying.
Stacking new and old treated Bamboos for Drying.