Greenhouses, Gazebos, & Garages

For Gazebos and Garages, you will need to imagine the Octagon and Truss roof structures seen in the other pages and visualize them with open walls and railings if needed.

P1040115Greenhouses, while simpler in construction, are more easily adaptable to different sizes to fit your needs. Here I am showing the least expensive greenhouse design per square foot. It has almost ZERO waste and uses plastic roofing very efficiently. This plan is 20 ft “long” by 52 ft “wide”. If you connect several structures together, you can make it 50 ft wide by as “long” as you want.

This kit easily assembles on the ground in sections and is easily constructed and self supporting while constructing. So one person can assemble the pieces on the ground and 2-3 persons will be needed for the initial assembly.

This greenhouse meets several design parameters I feel are important: The high center increases ventilation in any wind direction, AND decreases uplift from wind in any direction. Holding plastic film up is easy, holding your greenhouse down in higher winds is a challenge.

p1040085We use PVC tubes embedded in a concrete post. This assists support of the columns and the cement-bamboo joint can be easily sealed against the weather. On the corners and where there is a chance of uplift, angled holes, or other connected post holes with rebar are utilized to firmly secure the structure.

Each corner post also has its own steel flat bar that runs from the foundation, up the post and connects to the roof beam. This steel has no value for supporting the roof, but is designed to tie the roof into the foundation for that uplifting event.

The greenhouse is easy to assemble from the ground, and when it is needed to work at the roof line, the center section is able to support a plank scaffolding. This not only allows the roof section to be completed without dangling from sky-hooks, but also allows you to place and RE-PLACE the plastic roofing with ease! If your roof needs cleaning it will make the job easier. The center section uses the same width plastic as each side.P1040114

Since the posts are not buried in the ground, a bad idea for bambu, it is easily and heavily cross braced to stiffen the structure.  The bambu roof poles are painted white on top to reflect heat, which can shorten the life of your plastic and prevent over drying and cracking of the bambu.


For other sizes and designs, please contact me: Scott, 6663-3612.

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