House Plans

With the ability to pre-manufacture different kits and use them as modules to assemble larger more complicated structures we have the ability to do several different designs. These hosues are very light construction, similar to wood construction in the USA. They are very strong, and flexible. This allows us to build these on posts over hills, where concrete block and or M-2 Panel houses would be cost prohibitive.

Here is a floor plan for a two-bedroom home.

floorplan of 2 BR bamboo houseThis home has two bedrooms and two full bathrooms. The large open living-dining-kitchen area is under an open beam bamboo ceiling, as are the other rooms in the house. There is a cupola in the center that is almost 20 feet high and is surrounded by glass to allow natural light into the main living areas.

The office “modules” are not included in the square footage shown and can be added at an extra cost. There are also modules that can be used as entrances and/or a covered Patio.

The Bamboo is only used for the structural aspects, and is over designed for visual appeal. The walls are typical stud framed with siding and sheetrock interior. This means we can install a variety of windows and doors to the liking and budget of the customer. 

DCF 1.0While this hallway is not a cupola, you can get the effect of a raised hallway that allows natural light to enter.  This hallway is the same size as the cupola area in the floor plan above.

We are not just building affordable, we are building beautiful buildings with natural light that are energy efficient, quiet, using quality products.

a48This ceiling shows the idea of the framing. This cabin is the most inexpensive cabin we could make. It allowed us to prove the building concepts, techniques, and prove the efficiencies we will be able to attain in constructing these larger houses. Cupolas for these new designs will be larger in relationship to the size of the building.

While the above floor plan includes a cupola kit, and a flat square roof kit, and the Octagonal roof kit, we can downsize these floor plans to more affordable designs without losing the beauty of the high open beam ceilings, or the natural light from the Cupola.