The “Taj”

A Community Pavilion

The Taj is a structure that provides a beautiful place to do whatever for the people living on this property. It is a 20 ft X 20 ft building with an 18 ft diameter ferrocement dome on it. We practiced up for this by building a 2000 gallon and a 5000 gallon ferrocement water tank. Our experience traveling in Mexico gave us the idea to use glass blocks in the ceilings. The roofs are sealed with a membrane system consisting of a Comex elastomeric paint with a fine polypropylene woven cloth embedded in it. This was the first one of eight different sizes and shapes of ferrocement domes we used in the other constructions on this property. It took ten guys to lift the dome into place. The walls were infilled with Maya de Repello which is a standard 2X8 ft commercial expanded metal stucco screen. Areas were cut out for glass blocks.

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